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William Gibian, Greenwing Teal Pair
Onancock, VA

William Gibian, Canvasback pair
Onancock, VA, c. 2004

Bill Gibian, Calling whimbrel
Onancock, VA, c. 1990

William Gibian, Black bellied plover
Onancock, VA

Frank Finney, Canvasback pair
Capeville, VA, c. 1980

Frank Finney, Shorebirds
Capeville, VA

Frank Finney, Widgeon pair
Capeville, VA

Miles Hancock, Blackduck, tupelo
wood, Chincoteague VA c. 1930

Ira Hudson, Bluebill drake
Chincoteague, VA, c. 1940

Ira Hudson, Goldeneye drake
Chincoteague, VA, c. 1930

Ira Hudson or Cigar Daisy
Bufflehead drake
Chincoteague, VA, c. 1950

Ira Hudson, Canvasback drake
Early style, with some restoration by Cameron McIntyre
Chincoteague, VA, c. 1920