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Davey Nichol, Blackduck
Smith Falls Ontario, c. 1950

Davey Nichol, Bluebill hen, early model
Smith Falls, Ontario c.1930

Davey Nichol, Bluewing teal pair
Smith Falls, Ontario, 1971

Davey Nichol, Greenwing teal pair
Smith Falls, Ontario, 1971

Davey Nichol, Canvasback drake
Smith Falls, Ontario, c. 1940s

Davey Nichol, Mallard pair
Smith Falls, Ontario c. 1960's

Roy Farhner, Canvasbacks
Richard Bishop brand
Chatham, Ontario

Canvasback Drake
Long Point Club, Dr. Salmon Rig
Ontario, c. 1860

Ivar Fernlund, Bluebill pair
Hamilton, Ontario c. 1920

Percy Bicknell, Pintails
British Columbia c. 1940

Cliff Avann, Blackduck
Toronto Ontario c. 1940

Ken Anger, Blackduck Pair
Dunnville, Ontario c. 1925

Ken Anger, Canvasback Pair
Dunnville, Ontario c. 1950

Ken Anger, Bluebill Drake
Dunnville, Ontario c. 1950

Ken Anger, Bufflehead drake
Dunnville, Ontario, 1950

Ken Anger, Blackduck, hollow
Dunneville, Ontario c. 1940

Harve Davern bluebill, OP
Brighton, Ontario, c. 1900
(see p. 146 Crandell book)

Unknown carver, blackduck
Kingston Penitentiary
Kingston, Ontario,
c. 1930-40

Reg Bloom, Blackduck
Kingston Ontario, c. 1960

Reg Bloom, Bluebill
Kingston, Ontario c. 1960

Reg Bloom, Goldeneye pair
Kingston, Ontario
c. 1960

Harry "Spud" Norman
Whistler pair
Kingston, Ontario, c. 1950

Jesse Baker, Bluebill
Trenton, Ontario , c. 1940s

C.W. Chrysler, Blackduck
Belleville, Ontario, c. 1920

Phineas Reeves, Blackduck bearing 3 brands of
identified members of Long Point Co. Shooting Club
Port Rowan Ontario, C. 1875

Peterborough Canoe Co, Mallard hen
Peterborough, Ontario, c.1935

Tom Chambers, Redhead pair
hollow, Ontario, c. 1920

Alain Macdonald, Redhead hen
Rigaud, Quebec, c. 1925

Torry Ward, Canvasback pair
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Clayton Para, Bluewing Teal
Trenton, Ontario, c. 1935
(see Gates p. 118)

Alcide Leroux whistler